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pixel fx - Anaganaga O Dheerudu
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Because, we offer unmatched dependability
Quality and speed are the hallmarks of our post-production process. In an industry as capital-intensive as cinema where substantial money is deployed on projects, time is the most valuable currency. We fully understand and deeply appreciate the value of time with respect to our clients and their projects, which is why deadlines are sacrosanct to us and we exhibit zero-tolerance for project delay or deferral.

Our studio is literally programmed for precision and our team is infallible when it comes to meeting commitments. Project delivery at Pixel FX is dictated by draconian rules that demand on-time delivery, every time with unfailing consistency.

While we strive earnestly to complete projects well ahead of the promised time and deliver most projects in advance, we ensure that there’s never an instance where the deadline is breached. Every project to be canned at our studio comes with the assurance of supreme quality and timely delivery.
Our Projects
Telugu Film (2011)
Anaganaga O Dheerudu
Telugu Film (2011)
Maryada Ramanna
Telugu Film (2010)
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