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Pixel FX completes Project No. 4 successfully.
More in the pipeline.

After its highly appreciated VFX artistry in the popular films 'Maryaada Raamanna', 'Don Seenu' and 'Anaganagaa O Dheerudu', Pixel FX collaborated on the latest Mahesh Babu starrer 'Dookudu' and executed a major portion of the VFX for this big budget action thriller produced by 14 Reels Entertainment and directed by Srinu Vytla.

Pixel FX excuted the on-location coordination for the entire movie and devoted 40 days to produce 240 breathtaking VFX shots. In line with the demands of the script and the director's brief, 'Team Pixel FX' brandished its magic wand to authentically recreate some of yesteryear's most enduring moments in Dookudu.

Taking quality to the next level, 'Team Pixel FX' generated many seamless VFX shots with remarkable detailing. Difficult to discern with the natural eye, these shots demonstrate the studio's exceptional CG capabilities and passion for excellence.

Pixel FX is currently working on two other big budget Telugu films. Work is on in full swing and the results are turning out far better than expected. A couple of other interesting projects too have been lined up for the next year.

Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
The input (Before) which was originally shot with a hand camera and provided in 720 resolution was enhanced with stabilization, scratch removal, extraction and seamless color correction for the entire sequence. The output was composited with the Red Fort BG (After) to give the impression that NTR is speaking from the fort.
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
The shot of the sparse crowd (Before) was digitally manipulated with crowd multiplication techniques to create a jam-packed arena (After). Shot stabilization due to the camera's panoramic view position proved to be a challenge which 'Team Pixel FX' overcame with ease. The alternating light intensity of dark and bright clouds in the sky was also worked upon for uniformity and screen aesthetics.
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
The original input (Before) was meant for a PIP shot (Television) on screen. The spoofs on popular films essayed by veteran comedian M.S. Narayana required BG work which was executed to perfection by 'Team Pixel FX'. The result (After) was so visually appealing that the film unit decided to have the shot, not as a PIP shot but as a full screen shot.
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
The input (Before) needed to be projected against a clear background to maintain continuity of the previous shots. 'Team Pixel FX' got cracking by digitally erasing buildings in the background and replacing the cloud-dotted sky with a clear blue sky. The challenge however was to composit the sky against a dynamic foreground with swaying trees.
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
Dookudu VFX Shot Dookudu VFX Shot
The structure which forms the backdrop was extended in 3D to create the impression of a more formidable setting and to reduce production costs.
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